Club House LaGrille

The challenges we faced globally this year brought McCormick’s world-wide community closer together. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Canadian office worked virtually with the cross-functional teams in Baltimore to successfully deliver creative and the workflow, communication, and connection between teams have been seamless. I am personally proud of my contributions to our team successes including my art direction of the Club House La Grille program. The La Grille program was the first large scale roll-out executed in-house. The roll-out consisted of 50 SKUs of which 30 SKUs required photography. Due to travel restrictions, it was not possible to shoot photography in person. As a result, for the first time in my career, I art directed a complex virtual photoshoot. To my knowledge, this was also the first-ever virtual shoot for McCormick. From my home office in Toronto, I effectively collaborated with Michael Pohuski (Photographer) and the cross-functional team to deliver a successful shoot over 6 days, producing all required shots on time and on budget. Although the level of difficulty was extremely high, I was able to effectively communicate with the team to manage the pre pro process, photoshoot, and design roll-out. As a result of the new design and photography, the Marketing team has allocated a forecast of 3% growth in the La Grille program specifically because they believe the elevated design will increase purchase intent. As a result of the La Grille project, virtual photoshoots will now be the standard moving forward.


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